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Oct 28, 2013 6:30am EDT
. >>buenisim, muachos, les trig nosaludos :?:l:llatan cal o caluros, temprano el Ía de halloween,
Al Jazeera America
Nov 4, 2013 2:00pm EST
not even developed yet. there's a lot of moisture from the south, there rop cal storm from gulf of mexico, and cold air from the north. timing, overnight tonight seeing this snow and rain develop but it will really get heavy, dark blue color, indicating the heaviest part of the snow, rain snow line right over northwestern iowa. that will really start to accumulate, but wednesday morning it will be clearing out. not a long duration storm, just quickly overnight tonight and tomorrow but we could still see about four to six inches of rain come down. maybe a lingering shower on thursday, temperatures right about 40°. it will clear out after thursday, dry air comes back and the temperatures will try climb a bit. this area getting four to six inches of snow between tonight and tomorrow. in the capital it is clear and cold, temperatures will be a little warmer before this rain gets here at the end of the week. >> thank you very much. we are following breaking news reports in norway, three people dead, the bus driver among them. the suspect being under arrest. techknow is next. follow us on al j
Al Jazeera America
Oct 29, 2013 11:00am EDT
, centers for medicare and medi-cal. the rollouts of the are website has been a disaster, her responding to that question, and they now say the problems have been fixed, and that they are taking more of a waints approace approach. meanwhile health and human services secretary katherine sebelius will receive grilling also, her first appearance on capitol hill since the website launched on october 1st. there are members of congress calling for her head on a platter. >>> the nation's top intelligence leaders are going to be facing top questions when they head to capitol hill today. james clapper the head of national intelligence head keith alexander are both set to testify before the house intelligence committee, erica ferrari has our story. >> a bipartisan group of lawmakers, curtail the national security agency's indistric indiscriminate,. >> james sensenbrenner. , provides stronger restrictions against who the nsa can target when it comes to spying and require the government to delete information it collects accidentally, more aggressively than it does now. the bill reportedly has a doze
Al Jazeera America
Nov 1, 2013 8:00pm EDT
is shooting multiple shots toward the he is cal esca. they tracked him to the terminal after he made it past security. >> an individual came into terminal 3 of this airport and pulled an assault rifle out of a bag and began to open fire in the terminal. >> he proceeded up into the screening area where tsa screeners are and continued shooting and went past the screeners back into the airport itself. when the gun fire was over, one tsa agent was killed. six other people were injured. with three male patients taken to ronald re bega reagan ucla ml center for treatment. one patient is in critical condition and two are in fair condition. >> they believe the shooter acted you a loan. loan. >> they tracked the individual through the airport and engaged him in gun fores gunfire in tere and were able to successfully take him into custody. terminal throw is o p 3 is on te of the airport. passengers inside of the terminal described the scene as chaos. >> people started running from the center area of terminal out toward the gates that would lead to the airplanes. they had to evacuate to the other side
Al Jazeera America
Nov 4, 2013 4:00pm EST
again that agai geneva is the pe where these polite call cal poll differences have to be worked out these elements are now becoming the dominate force that is causing us concern here in the united states. >> where is the secretary headed next? well as you mentioned, he just landed in poland. secretary clinton set the record for the number of countries if not actual miles flown. secretary kerry is fast out of the gate approaching that record. he came from egypt to saudi arabia and in the midst of an eight nation store. -- tour. >> mike viqueira for us from the white house. >> it's the first oath that doctors take. >> do no harm. docdoctors are accused of violag standards to help the u.s. military and the u.s. intelligence agency. one. book's authors details the allegations. >> they over saw and coo consuld on interrogators. doctors and nurs nurses had been involved in portion feeding detainees with restraints. these are all matter of policy. it's not a doctor or sigh cool gif --psychologist that violates because they were bad. >> ththe hedge fund group will y $2 billion to resolve a
Oct 29, 2013 5:30am EDT
cal. funciona muy bien. >> el nuwa oven es algo que recomiendo a todos. el nave oven no esn microondaspero usa poder de conducción, convección e infrarrojo simultáneamente, cocinando de adentro hacia afuera al mismo tiem. cocinaa comida hasta 50 por ciento más rápo que horno convencional, mientras que usa el 85 por ciento menos de energía. y ya que el nuwave oven pro lava en lavavajillas, limpiar toma segundos. el nuwave oven pro ha sido probado y recomendado por el club de cocina de américa y el club nacional de salud y bienestar. >> es fácil y conveniente. >> hace el cocar tan simple. >> me encanta y no sé que haría sin él. >> presentador: llame ahora y obtendrá el asombroso nuwave oven pro por sólo cuatro pagos de $39.95. su nuwave oven pro viene con la guía de cocinaápida y fácil; el recetario nuwave, que contiene más d150 recetas que hacen de cualqa un chef; el dvd de cocina gourmet y una membresía vip para un club clusivo de nuwave en línea además, cada horno viene con un o de garantía mpleto de pies a cabeza. y por ordenar hoy, eliminaremos un pa
Oct 31, 2013 5:30am EDT
creer. mire lo que paso cuando la estufa nuwave se puso a prueba en las cals de san francisco. >> mujermuy bien, los va a sorprender. esta es unestu de induccion precisa, y es portatil, ecologica y les ahorrara dinero y mucho tiempo... >> guao. >> cocina la mitad del tiempo. ¿ven como hirviendo el ua? >> si. >> lo mer de cocinar por duccion es que solamte se calienta la parte de la ol que es mnetica, demas esta fresco.. miren . ahh! >> tos: ahh! >> muy bn, todel mundo pongan sus mos. ¿no esta caliente? >> hombre: no, no. >> la parte magnetica la olla esta a 110. la pueden dejar asi, y no hay ningun problema, nos ea a perder, ni endurece. >> y no tienen que ser chefs para cocinar como yo no tengo mucho tiempo para cocinar esto es grandioso para mi. >> exactamente, esto l har lucir como chefs. tiene control de temperaturasi que pongo mi pollo a fir y se exactamente que temperatura esta, si le bajas 10 grados, boom, se baja de forma inmediata. >> ya v >> ¿pues hacer esto enna de gas? >> todos: no... >> hombre: para nada. >> como esto tienen un gran control de temperatura, nunca >> me
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7